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Hurricane Rib Rub

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Want flavor that hits you with the force of a hurricane? That’s how Danny “Big D” Montgomery’s friend described his ribs the first time he tried them. They had just survived a hurricane in Montego Bay, Jamaica while getting ready for a BBQ competition. Instead of competing, Big D rode out the storm and spent the rest of the week cooking for locals whose homes had been destroyed. This sweet and savory rub amps up the flavor and leaves your mouth watering for more. Big D has won several awards using this rib rub in combination with G2 BBQ seasoning. Hurricane Rib Rub was designed so that the first thing that hits your lips is instant flavor satisfaction.  

Although originally created to use on competition ribs, this blend is versatile enough to be used on the grill and on the stove. Use it flavor chicken, pork chops, hotdogs, smoked bologna, or even popcorn. Impress your guests when you use it to roast carrots and sweet potatoes. 

You don’t have to survive a tropical storm to appreciate the flavor of Hurricane Rib Rub! 


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